Angielski Wrocław test interaktywny

Angielski test interaktywny

Język angielski - test interaktywny

Sprawdź swój poziom zaawansowania języka za pomocą testu on-line.

Po rozwiązaniu testu ukaże się przybliżona ocena aktualnego poziomu językowego przydatna dla własnej wiedzy.

Nie jest to jednak podstawa do zakwalifikowania się na kurs językowy. W celu zakwalifikowania się na kurs prosimy kliknąć na Zapisz się.

W każdym pytaniu prosimy wybrać jedną prawidłową odpowiedź. W każdej chwili można sprawdzić wynik testu naciskając Sprawdź wynik. Po sprawdzeniu wyniku można zawsze wrócić do testu i dalej go rozwiązywać, jeżeli pozwolą na to umiejętności.

1. Mary            from Italy, she            from Spain.

2. London is famous for            red buses?

3. Don’t touch the wallet! It’s            .

4. Jill and Tim            to work by car on Mondays.

5. She            meet new friends in a music café every day.


6.            your parents work in the hospital?

7. I hate            golf, it’s boring.

8. Look at the photo! Kate            under the table!

9. We            to Greece this summer, it’s too expensive.

10. Yesterday our boss            the meeting at 8.30 a.m.


11. Who            your best friend at secondary school?

12. Tony            to the meeting last week.

13. Where            she            her first film?

14. We            never            by plane!

15. I can’t go out early, I            prepare for the presentation.


16.            Dylan            in Manchester since his childhood?

17. Her children told her that            old to drive a car.

18. I            the dinner when my brother            in.

19.            you            the flat yet?

20. If she            stop smoking, she            have cancer.


21. I            getting up at 08.00. It's not as difficult as I thought.

22. While we            football, an old woman            the dog

23. Brazilian coffee            all over the world.

24. This house            by my uncle.

25. Her mobile phone           .


26. If I            rich, I            buy a huge farm in Somerset.

27. She was very            after she had the baby.

28. When Michael arrived at conference, Mr. Simmons           .

29. If I            on holiday to Poland, I wouldn't have met the owner of Hugo Boss.

30. By the time you get this e-mail I            .


31. A: What are you doing tonight? B: I'm not sure, I            to the cinema.

32. Karla was offered the job            having poor qualifications.

33. Write my phone number down            you are planning to be in Madrid.

34. Smoking is horrible – I really feel like            up.

35. The products            from the stock on Wednesday.


36. Not only            to London but she also visited many other places in England.

37. He eventually managed            the door by kicking it hard.

38. If they           , they            the place easily.

39. John asked me where            the day before.

40. The bank is going to            me half of what I need.


41. Minor            are common if you take part in dangerous sports.

42. I couldn't mend the TV myself, so I            at a shop.

43. They            last night, but I'm not sure.

44. Ms. Caldegren had            finished checking the report when she noticed an error.

45. Rarely            meat.


46. We need to finish. We’re            out of time.

47. If only I            to the barbecue instead of staying at home.

48. You            me earlier, not just before the meeting!

49. The current marketing campaign is one of the most            we have launched in years.

50. The problem could have been            with a little more forethought.


51. "I know it's late, so I shall not            any longer" said the sales manager to his sales team participants.

52. After many years of research, they found the solution           .

53. To report lost or stolen traveler's check, contact the institution            issued the checks.

54. A spokesperson for the research division announced an important            in the field of biotechnology.

55. How many sheets of paper do you think this file will           .