Polish language summer camps in Poland - Dźwirzyno

Camp for youth (15-19 years old)
Camp for children (8-14 years old)

Location: Dźwirzyno - Baltic sea
Days: 14

Programme: languages learning
Optional programme: windsurfing, fitness, tennis

Optional trips: Tropical Islands, Copenhagen
Accommodation: Perła - holiday resort

  • 01.07. - 14.07.18

Camp for youth - English, Spanish   
Camp for children - English, German, Spanish

  • 15.07. - 28.07.18

Camp for youth - English, Polish   
Camp for children - English, Polish

  • 29.07. - 11.08.18

Camp for youth - English, German   
Camp for children - English


The price also includes assistance and supervision by teaching and medical staff, all entrance fees, accident insurance.

PLN 1749



 30 lessons (2 hours in the morning + workshops in the evenings

  • language workshops including language simulations, films, conversations
  • interesting teaching materials and audiovisual teaching aids
  • LEKTOR Vocabulary Training – a unique system designed for vocabulary learning
  • experienced teachers and native speakers
  • all levels above absolute beginners
  • certificate of course completion


Optional programme:

  • Windsurfing lessons

8 hours of windsurfing lessons with an instructor at Resko Lake in Dźwirzyno. The fee includes equipment hire (excluding wetsuit).
Cost: PLN 250

  • Fitness lessons - during the 2nd and 3rd camp period

Trainings with an instructor, 8 hours during camp including: body shaping, stretching, exercises using agility ladder, tubing, band exercises and fitness balls, dietary advice.
Cost: PLN 170

  • Tennis lessons

8 hours of tennis lessons with an instructor. The fee includes equipment hire.
Cost: PLN 250

Note: You can only take part in one type of lessons.


Program rekreacyjny: 

Free time activities:

  • Full-day trip to Kołobrzeg including: a walk through the pier and seaside promenade, visiting the Old Town of Kołobrzeg, a visit to the Milenium aquapark and using all of its attractions: sports swimming pool, recreational swimming pool, a river water slide along with 2 different types of slides and 4 jacuzzi tubs
  • walking tours: to Resko Lake and the port in Dźwirzyno
  • sports: swimming in the sea, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, unihockey
  • evening activities: language quizzes and games, contests, discos
  • specialized activities: visual art, music and theatre, foreign language orienteering
  • bonfire with sausage roast
  • a camp photo diary for every participant (to download)


Optional trip to Tropical Islands in Berlin

full day stay in Tropical Islands offering a sandy beach with palms, jungle, Laguna Bali – wave pool, underground water slides, tropical forest, caves, waterfalls and many other attractions!
Valid passport required.
Cost: PLN 200 + EUR 35


Optional trip to Copenhagen

full day stay in Copenhagen including the statue of The Little Mermaid, Changing the Guard, the Marble Church, Strøget - longest pedestrian street of northern Europe, Andersen's statue. A cruise of the Copenhagen’s canals. 
Valid passport required.
Cost: PLN 280 + EUR 10

Note: You can take part only in one type of event





PERŁA in Dźwirzyno is a holiday resort situated between the Baltic Sea and Resko Lake. It is famous for having one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches on the coast. The local landscape features an attractive pine forest and sand. Facilities:

  • ensuite 3 - and 4 - bed rooms with full board
  • classrooms
  • table tennis
  • volleyball and basketball courts
  • football pitch




We offer transfer from Wrocław, Warszawa, Poznań, Kraków, Katowice.

Wrocław, Poznań, Warszawa -150 zł
Katowice, Kraków -190 zł





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