Language summer camps for youth and children 2021 - Zakopane 2021

Language summer camps - Zakopane - English, Polish

Language summer camps - Zakopane 2021
Language summer camps 2021
Language summer camps 2021
Language summer camps 2021
Language summer camps 2021 - Zakopane - English, Polish

Language camp for youth (15-19 years old)

Language camp for children (8-14 years old)

Location: Zakopane
Days: 14

Programme: languages learning
Optional programme: climbing, fitness

Optional trips: Tatralandia, Energylandia
Accommodation: Giewont - holiday resort


  • 11.07. - 24.07.21

Camp for youth: English, Polish  
Camp for children: English, Polish


  • 25.07. - 07.08.21

Camp for youth:  English, Polish  
Camp for children:  English, Polish


The price also includes assistance and supervision of teaching and medical staff, all entrance fees, accident insurance. Installment plan available.

PLN 1970



Language camp for youth: 40 lessons (3 hours in the morning + workshops)

Language camp for children: 30 lessons (2 hours in the morning + workshops)

  • language workshops including language simulations, films, conversations
  • interesting teaching materials and audiovisual teachingaids
  • LEKTOR Vocabulary Training - a unique system designed for vocabulary learning
  • experienced teachers and native speakers
  • all levels above absolute beginners
  • certificate of course completion

Learn English or Polish online before the camp

Optional trip to Tatralandia in Slovakia

  • Coach trip to Tatralandia Holiday Resort, the largest water fun complex in Central Europe,
  • including: stay at aquapark with all the attractions: pools with sea, thermal or pure water, 21 slides,
  • Sauna World: the pleasure of water, inspiring scents, music, and warmth, jacuzzi
  • Valid passport required.

Cost of the trip: PLN 150 + EUR 30

Optional trip to Energylandia

  • full-day stay in Energylandia - Poland's largest amusement park,
  • roller coasters, space booster, tsunami dropper, tropical island with three heated pools, interesting spectacles: motorbike acrobatics, 
  • Pyramid Illusion, 7D cinema, planetarium, Viking village and many other attractions during the day.

Cost: PLN 200


Note: You can take part only in one type of event


Program rekreacyjny: 

Free-time activities:

  • Full-day guided trip: beautiful landscapes, walk from Dolina Kościeliska through Wąwóz Karków and caves (Smocza Jama, Jaskinia Mroźna), Hala Ornak, Smreczyński Staw
  • half day trip to Mt Gubałówka (1123 meters above sea level), unique view of the Tatra Mountains
  • visit to interesting places in Zakopane: "tracing Małysz" - The Great Krokiew, the cementary at Pęksowe Brzysko with Makuszyński's, Witkiewicz's graves
  • walks along Krupówki (a famous street in Zakopane)
  • sports: swimming pool on site, volleyball, basketball, unihockey
  • evening activities quizzes, singing songs in foreign language, interesting contests, discos
  • specialized activities: in the scope of plastic arts, music and theatre, field games with the use of a foreign language
  • a camp photo diary for each participant (to download)


Climbing lessons

6 lessons of climbing at the adventure park with an instructor - climbing, elements of survival, knots, technics of auto- belaying.
Cost: PLN 200


Fitness lessons

Trainings with an instructor, 6 hours during camp including: body shaping, stretching, exercises using agility ladder, tubing, band exercises and fitness balls, dietary advice.
Cost: PLN 200



GIEWONT - a high-standard holiday resort in Zakopane - Murzasichle; new facilities with modern equipment.

  • ensuite rooms with 2, 3 and 4 single beds, with a TV set
  • full board
  • the centre offers indoor swimming pool, classrooms,
  • table tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, highland-style shacks.




We offer transfer from:

Wrocław, Warszawa, Katowice - PLN 200
Poznań - PLN 240
Kraków - PLN 150


Language summer camps 2021
Language summer camps - Poland 2021
Language summer camps - Zakopane
Language summer camps - Zakopane


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