David | Szkoła Języków Obcych LEKTOR - Kurs angielskiego Wrocław


native-speaker języka angielskiego
absolwent Brunel University w Londynie
od 2009 w Lektorze

O sobie samym: 

My name’s David and I have lived and worked in Poland since the late nineteen nineties.

When the weather allows it, I enjoy,cycling, walking, and sailing my home-made boat.  When the weather doesn’t, almost anything connected to railways interests me, as does the world of science.


For some years now I have been a keen backgammon player, and I occasionally try my hand at poker and chess as well.  I’m also a fan of Polish cinema, and have seen over one hundred Polish films at the cinema over the last decade and a half.


You might hear me from time to time on language-teaching CDs.  One or two commercials for the English-speaking market have me as their narrator as well, so if you’re watching an advert and the voice sounds familiar, it’s probably me.