Polish courses for foreigners in Wrocław

General Polish

LEKTOR provides General Polish courses designed for people staying in Wrocław for longer periods of time.
LEKTOR invites adults for general Polish courses at every level of proficiency.

For us the most important aspect of learning a language is communication. That is why our students practice speaking in typical everyday situations that present elements of Polish life and culture.
The pace and the topics of the lessons are adjusted to the level and needs of the learners.

Language School  LEKTOR  is located in the centre of the city - 5 minutes on foot from the market place.

  • 30 hours/60 hours with professional teachers of Polish as a foreign language
  • class size 6-9
  • various materials
  • LEKTOR Vocabulary Training - a system to learn new words in the target language
  • a written report of your linguistic improvements
  • a certificate stating, in accordance with the European classification, what level of proficiency you have achieved

How to enrol:

Fill in the booking form and write the placement test

Dates & Fees: 

Afternoon, morning. weekend courses:
Group of 6-9 people - price for 30 lessons (1/4 year) - 549 zł, price for semester 60 lessons (1/2 year) - 949 zł

    Monday & Wednesday - 16.20-17.55
    Monday & Wednesday - 18.00-19.35
    Tuesday & Thursday - 16.20-17.55
    Tuesday & Thursday - 18.00-19.35
    Monday & Wednesday - 9.00-10.35
    Monday & Wednesday - 19.40-21.15
    Saturday - 10.00-13.15

Happy hours
Group of 6-9 people - price for 30 lessons (1/4 year) - 449 zł, price for semester 60 lessons (1/2 year) - 849 zł

    piątek - 9.00-12.10
    piątek - 16.20-19.30

The fee for a course is paid 4 times a year for a 30-hour level of proficiency, which means a 1/4 of a year.
It is also possible to pay in advance for a semester including 60 45-minute lessons. In such a case the fee is lower.
Upon payments for the next levels and semesters, our regular clients receive a loyalty discount in the amount of PLN 50.
We also offer the discount for members of the same family or when a person takes several language courses of PLN 70.

How to enrol:

Fill in the booking form and write the placement test

European classification

Courses at LEKTOR

A1 1-4 beginners/elementary
A2 5-8 pre-intermediate
B1 B1 1-4 intermediate


Contact us

School of Languages LEKTOR

ul.Oławska 25

50-123 Wrocław

tel. 71 3725292, fax 71 3432599


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