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Polish culture and cuisine

Traditional Polish cuisine is delicious! One of the most famous dishes are dumplings
with various fillings (cheese, meat, fruit).


Poland  produces many regional cheeses. The most popular of them is
the sheep's cheese (pol. Oscypek) which is mainly  produced  in and around Zakopane.


Polish sausages are highly appreciated all over the world. Meat quality and unique
recipes allow you to create a memorable taste.

Poland is also a country of dance. One of the most popular is Krakowiak. Lively, Polish folk
dance from the region of Krakow.


Poland is the birthplace of Frederic Chopin - one of the greatest composers in the world,
often called the poet of the piano.


Poland has a rich  tradition of Christian holidays. One of them is the painting and decorating
eggs for  the Easter holidays.

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