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Terms & conditions - language camps

1. LEKTOR declares that it holds a permit for provision of tourism services (No. 342/19) and insurance guarantees stipulated in the Tourism Services Act of August 29, 1997 and obliges itself to organize camps in accordance with the offer, these terms and conditions and data from the enrolment form.
2. The contract shall be considered finalized after the client has been provided with the opportunity to familiarize himself/herself with these conditions, has completed the enrolment form (agreement) and the first instalment of the camp fee has been paid by the participant or his/her legal guardian.
3. In order to be a participant in the language camp, a completed application form must be delivered to LEKTOR and payment must be received. Moreover, a placement test must be completed unaided and sent to us either by post or completed on our website. Participation in optional trips must also be confirmed.
4. Payment of the camp fee must be made according to the following instalment schedule: First instalment: PLN 500 upon enrolment, Second instalment- 3 weeks before the beginning of the camp. After receiving full payment LEKTOR will send documents containing the accommodation centre’s address and all other important details concerning the camp:
LEKTOR Travel sp. z o.o
ul. Oławska 25
50-123 Wrocław
Nr konta: 33160014621844503130000001
5. Transfer with the group from Wroclaw or another city must be declared by making payment of PLN 140 (for transfer to and from the camp) together with the first instalment (PLN 180 from Szczecin or Poznan to Zakopane, PLN 180 from Katowice or Krakow to Sianozety, PLN 180 from Katowice or Krakow to Dzwirzyno).
6. Payment for the optional trip must be made together with payment of the camp fee or not later than the first day of the camp. Moreover, additional payments (in EUR) must be made for particular attractions (details in the offer). Desire to take part in an optional trip must be confirmed in the application form; lack of such confirmation means that the participant will not take part in the optional trip. This also applies to surfing, zumba and tennis lessons.
7. Resignation from participation in the camp must be submitted in writing. The participant shall bear the following costs:
up to 30 days before the camp – PLN 50
29 to 21 days before the camp – 30% of the entire price of the camp
20 to 15 days before the camp – 50% of the entire price of the camp
14 to 4 days before the camp – 80% of the entire price of the camp
In the event of resignation three or fewer days prior to the start of the camp or if the participant does not appear during the assembly means that he/she will have to pay 100% of the entire price of the camp.
8. LEKTOR takes no responsibility for loss of participants’ personal effects, including but not limited to mobile phones, cameras and other valuable equipment, nor for its use by other participants. LEKTOR takes no responsibility for circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to inclement weather, decisions of official authorities, strikes and other similar occurrences. Moreover, LEKTOR shall incur no liability for damage resulting from injury or loss of health in excess of the amount of damages guaranteed by the insurance policy.
9. The participant is obliged to: take part in the entire programme of the camp; to comply with the orders of educators, lifeguards and teachers commands; swim in the sea only under supervision of an educator and lifeguard and only in designated places; follow the rules of the accommodation centre and repair any damage caused by participant’s actions; refrain from disturbing others; refrain from taking drugs and drinking alcohol; keep rooms in order. In the event these rules are broken, in extreme cases the participant may be expelled from the camp without refund of the camp fee. The participant or his/her legal guardian shall bear all the costs associated with the participant’s return.
10. Permission is given by the participant or his/her legal guardian for processing personal data for statistical and marketing purposes in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997.
11. Permission is given by the participant or his/her legal guardian for the use of group photos on LEKTOR’s website and in catalogues presenting the camp offer.
12. Complaints should be submitted in written form within 7 days of the last day of the camp.
13. In matters not regulated by the contract or these terms and conditions the provisions of the Polish Civil Code shall apply.
14. Any disputes resulting from or related to this contract shall be adjudicated by the Common Court in Wroclaw appropriate to the seat of LEKTOR.

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