Polish language summer camps - Łeba

language camps  in Poland 2017
Polish in Poland
Polish language course in Poland

Camp for youth (age 15-19 )

Camp for children (age 8-14 )

Location: Łeba - Baltic sea
Days: 14

Programme: languages learning
Optional programme: Łeba with Adrenaline

Optional trips: Aqua Park Reda
Accommodation: Grand Park Łeba - holiday resort

  • 9.07 - 22.07.17

Camp age 15-19- English, Polish    Camp  age 8-14- English, Polish

  • 23.07 - 05.08.17

Camp age 15-19- English    Camp  age 8-14- English

  • 6.08 - 19.08.17

Camp age 15-19- English, Polish    Camp  age 8-14- English, Polish


Fees: 1659 zł



30 lessons (2 hours in the morning + workshops)

  • language workshops including language simulations, films, conversations
  • interesting teaching materials and audiovisual teaching aids
  • LEKTOR Vocabulary Training – a unique system designed for vocabulary learning
  • experienced teachers and native speakers
  • all levels above absolute beginners
  • certificate of course completion


Optional programme:

“ŁEBA WITH ADRENALINE”:  entries in 4 afternoons on various attractions to the amusement park - Power Park Łeba

  • rope park - passage on routes at different heights, with varying degrees of difficulty, under the supervision of instructors, 6 routes available
  • go-kart racing - training, training and racing, safe, professionally prepared track with contoured turns and protective bands, timing system and traffic light. At the beginning you will learn the construction go-karts and driving technique, then training and racing fun.
  • climbing on a five-meter, two-way climbing wall, two climbing routes on each side with varying degrees of difficulty 
  • swinging jump - jump from a height of 12 meters on a specially prepared construction in full mountaineering harness, the trajectory of pendulum.
  • zip-line – ride on a 120 meters rope in full underwriting harness and helmet, under the supervision of an instructor
  • bungee football - playing football with the participants-players suspended on rubber ropes, lots of attractions

Cost: PLN 160

Program rekreacyjny: 

Free time activities:

  • full day tour – “Attractions of Łeba”, visit to Poland’s biggest sealarium - shows with seals and sea lions, prehistoric 3D aquarium, models of marine animals, miniature park of lighthouses, aviaries, wreck backwards and much more

  • trip to the unique moving dunes, entrance to the Slowinski National Park, walking journey through a beautiful desert landscape, unique in Europe, called the Polish Sahara, watching the mysterious rocket launcher, gaining more than 40 meters Łącka Mountain - the most attractive dune, with a panorama on the Łebska Spit from its top
  • half day trip to Dinosaur Park: a fantastic adventure back in time in the Cretaceous era. Meeting with the three-dimensional reptiles in 1: 1 scale, the largest of them, Seismosaurus, has a body length of more than 45 m, in addition minigolf game, rafting water slides, a gallery of minerals and fossils, Dino cinema, Flintstones vehicles, water rafts, simian grove
  • sports and leisure activities: swimming in the sea, lake and summer swimming pool, volleyball, beach football, water polo in the pool, aqua-aerobics, basketball, table tennis, floorball,
  • walking tours
  • evening activities quizzes, singing songs in foreign language, interesting contests, discos
  • specialized activities: in the scope of plastic arts, music and theatre, field games with the use of a foreign language
  • bonfire with sausage roast
  • a camp photo diary for each participant

Optional trip to the Aqua Park in Reda 
All-day stay in a new, full of surprises aqua park in Reda, use of all the attractions: slide through the aquarium with real sharks, river expedition, pirates bay, castle pool, family slide (48 m), swimming pool with the wave - wave pool, jacuzzi volcano, green village.5
Cost: PLN 150




Grand Park Łeba- resort is located in the coastal area of Łeba, one of the most popular resorts on the Polish coast. What distinguishes Łeba from many coastal towns, is its specific climate, sandy beaches and plenty of attractions for tourists. The resort located only strip of sand dunes (about 150 meters) from the sea and the beautiful, wide beach

  • full board - 3 meals
  • 3-4 bed rooms with bathrooms and balconies
  • teaching rooms, cafe


We offer transfer from Wrocław, Warszawa, Poznań, Kraków, Katowice.

Wrocław, Poznań, Warszawa -150 zł
Katowice, Kraków -190 zł


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