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How to enroll

-for a Polish course

In order to enrol you have to fill in the booking form below, write the placement test and click SEND.People who have never learnt the language before and those who have attended classes in LEKTOR are asked to fill in only the booking form.


Account number:

Szkoła Języków Obcych LEKTOR sp.j.
ul. Oławska 25
50-123 Wrocław

Nr konta:
54 1600 1156 0004 0606 3374 5001

tel.071 372 52 92 fax.071 343 25 99

How to book language camps 


In order to become the participant of the camp it is necessary to: book a place via the Internet by filling in the following form.

Please fill in the form only if you are absolutely decided to take part in LEKTOR’s language camps for children/ language camps for youth.
After receiving the confirmation it is necessary to: fill in and send (by post) enrollment form (signed by the parents) and language test.


Account number:

LEKTOR Travel sp. z o.o
ul. Oławska 25
50-123 Wrocław

Nr konta: 33160014621844503130000001

International transfers

IBAN:  PL33160014621844503130000001



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School of Languages LEKTOR

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