Language courses in Wrocław - Polish, English, German

Language courses

Language courses : English,  Polish , German, Spanish, Russian, Italian

LEKTOR offers language courses at every level of proficiency. 
For us the most important aspect of learning a language is communication.
Our students practice speaking in typical everyday situations.

The topics of the lessons are adjusted to the level and needs of the learners.

Our courses are run in 2 systems:
- online live with a teacher - available for every student  from Poland and abroad
- at school Lektor - in the centre of Wroclaw

The LEKTOR Language School  is located in the centre of the city - 5 minutes on foot from the market square.

During a year 120 hours can be completed (one European level A1, A2, B1, B2 or C1).

The annual course is divided into 2 semesters of 60 hours each and a semester into 2 courses of 30 hours.

During a year 4 courses of 30 hours (1/4 of a year) can be completed - e.g. A1/1, A1/2, A1/3, A1/4.

You can sign up for a semester (60 hours x 45 min) or a course (30 hours x 45 min).

1 lesson- 45 min


Korzyści w ramach kursu: 


  • verification of the current language level (test)
  • 30 / 60 hours of course in a small comfortable group of 3-5 people
  • professional teachers using a communicative method (the main focus is put on speaking)
  • a coherent programme - in all groups, at the same level
  • course content is available 24 hours on the platform (vocabulary, interactive exercises, videos, recordings, exercises), enabling students to learn at any time
  • tests checking your achievements and improvement during and at the end of each course module (30 hours) with the possibility to download a certificate of progress and level
  • a certificate confirming the current level of advancement
  • discounts on subsequent courses
  • no need to sign a contract


Dodatkowo gratis: 


  • LEKTOR Vocabulary Training - a proprietary vocabulary learning system
  • additional multimedia materials for language learning
Terminy i opłaty: 

Dates & Fees:

Afternoon, morning. weekend courses:
Group of 3-5 people
- price for 30 lessons (1/4 year) - 990 zł, price for semester 60 lessons (1/2 year) - 1890 zł

  • Monday & Wednesday - 17.00-18.30
  • Monday & Wednesday - 18.40-20.10
  • Tuesday & Thursday - 17.00-18.30
  • Tuesday & Thursday - 18.40-20.10
  • Monday & Wednesday - 07.00-08.30
  • Monday & Wednesday - 9.00-10.30
  • Tuesday & Thursday - 8.00-9.30
  • Tuesday & Thursday - 10.00-11.30
  • Monday & Wednesday - 19.30-21.00
  • Friday - 9.00-12.15
  • Friday - 17.00-20.15
  • Saturday - 10.00-13.15

The fee for a course is paid 4 times a year for a 30-hour course (module), which means a 1/4 of a year.

It is also possible to pay in advance for a semester including 60 45-minute lessons. In such a case the fee is lower.
Upon payments for the next levels and semesters, our regular clients receive a loyalty discount in the amount of PLN 80.
We also offer the discount for members of the same family or when a person takes several language courses of PLN 80.
Discounts cannot be combined.

How to enrol:

Fill in the booking form and write the placement test


European classification

Courses at LEKTOR

A1 1-4 beginners/elementary
A2 5-8 pre-intermediate
B1 B1 1-4 intermediate
B2 B2 1-4 upper-intermediate
C1 C1 1-4 advanced


Karta Dużej Rodziny: 

LEKTOR honoruje Kartę dużej rodziny
i oferuje rabat na kursy językowe.