English and Polish summer camps 2018 - Ustka

Language summer camps - Ustka - English, Polish

Language summer camp 2018
Language summer camps 2018
English summer camps 2018
German summer camps 2018
Spanish summer camps 2018
Polish summer camps 2018
English summer camps

Camp for youth (age 15-19)

Camp for children (age 8-14)

Location: Ustka - Baltic sea
Days: 14

Programme: languages learning
Optional programme: cycling tours, survival programme

Optional trips: Panorama Aquapark in Jarosławiec
Accommodation: Bałtyk - holiday resort

  • 08.07. - 21.07.18

Camp for youth: English   
Camp for children: English

  •  22.07. - 04.08.18

Camp for youth:  English, Polish   
Camp for children:  English, Polish

  • 05.08. - 18.08.18

Camp for youth:  English, Polish  
Camp for children:  English, Polish


The price also includes assistance and supervision of teaching and medical staff, all entrance fees, accident insurance. Installment plan available.

PLN 1749



Language camp for youth: 40 lessons (3 hours in the morning + workshops)

Language camp for children: 30 lessons (2 hours in the morning + workshops)

  • language workshops including language simulations, films, conversations
  • interesting teaching materials and audiovisual teaching aids
  • LEKTOR Vocabulary Training - a unique system designed for vocabulary learning
  • experienced teachers and native speakers
  • all levels above absolute beginners
  • certificate of course completion


Optional programme:

  • Optional cycling tours

The program includes 4 cycling tours (the routes 10-16 km), discovering the mysteries of the old Ustka, magical village Orzechowo, a hike up the ”royal throne” i.e. a cliff, a visit to the old-growth forest in the nature reserve Buczyna and discovering the mysteries of the Luftwaffe barracks. We provide a bicycle, helmet, tour guide and care.
Cost: PLN 180

  • Optional survival programme

The program consists of 4 meetings: learning camouflage techniques, treasure-hunting, square-bashing secrets, starting a fire in difficult conditions, archery training, paintball shooting, learning to use ASG weapons, passing the “commando trail” and a shooting competition at the end. We provide an equipment rental and animator care.
Cost: PLN 180

Note: You can take part only in one type of event

Program rekreacyjny: 

Free time activities:

  • full-day trip to  the unique moving dunes,  a visit to the Słowiński National Park, hiking through the beautiful desert landscape, unique in Europe, called the Polish Sahara. A visit to the Czołpino Lighthouse, a trip to Kluk (Museum of the Slovenian Village – basket weaving demonstrations, weaving fishing nets, butter churning)
  • half-day trip  to Blucher bunkers – visiting mysterious fortifications with visual effects and sound effects room
  • cruising an old galleon through the sea in pirate style
  • sport and recreational activities: swimming, volleyball,  beach soccer, basketball, table tennis
  • walking tours around the area, to the port and the seaside promenade
  • evening activities quizzes, singing songs in foreign language, interesting contests, discos
  • specialized activities: in the scope of plastic arts, music and theatre, field games with the use of a foreign language
  • bonfire with sausage roast
  • a camp photo diary for each participant (to download)


Optional trip to the Panorama Aquapark in Jarosławiec

  •     Full-day stay at PANORAMA Aquapark in Jarosławiec
  •     Stay in a complex of indoor and outdoor heated pools.
  •     Grottoes waterfalls, 6 outdoor slides, 2 indoor slides, wave pool, river water slide

Cost: PLN 150



Bałtyk – a holiday resort situated in the west part of Ustka, one of the most popular travelling destinations on the Polish coast with its sandy beaches and numerous tourist attractions.
The resort is separated from the sea and a beautiful wide beach by a range of dunes and forest.

  • full board,
  • ensuite rooms with 3, 4 or 5 single beds and balconies,
  • the resort offers: classrooms, party venue,   clubhouse, a shop, pitches





We offer transfer from Wrocław, Warszawa, Poznań, Kraków, Katowice.

Wrocław, Poznań, Warszawa -150 zł
Katowice, Kraków -190 zł

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